Supportive CPD Sessions

Kick-start outstanding PE in your school!

Our CPD workshops provide a host of simple practical techniques to help teachers deliver Dance, Pilates, Gymnastics and Wellness. The sessions are the ideal complement to an package, generating the enthusiasm to get teachers started.

Dance Teachers build their understanding of how to find the beat; learn the 6 principles of dance and how to use them to build up choreography, and how to lead lessons using music.

Pilates Teachers learn the basic principles behind Pilates, practice functional movement patterns to improve core strength, motor skills and balance. Learn to teach this fun activity programme that can positively impact on a child's physical and mental wellness.

Gymnastics Teachers learn how to understand good body management and teach children safely and effectively. Topics include teaching set moves, incorporating apparatus and sequencing into lessons, and identifying and correcting common faults.

Wellness Teachers will understand how to use the medium of Dance, Gymnastics and Pilates to demonstrate how to improve Social and Mental Wellness. Learn how to improve social wellness around relationship building with positive communication and mental wellness around mood management, mindfulness and anxiety relief.


After the workshop, teachers will for example:

In dance:

  • Feel more confident in teaching movement to music
  • Be able to show children how to find the beat and phrase of the music
  • Be able to build a theme to create a short dance sequence using the six principles of dance

In gymnastics:

  • Have a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of gymnastics
  • Understand how to construct routines for both floor and apparatus
  • Be able to implement tried and tested strategies for improving the quality of learning

Who can benefit?

Multiple schools

If you're part of a group of schools, then bring selected teachers together for a cost-effective session that will inspire them to develop Dance, Pilates, Gymnastics and Wellness in their own schools.

Single schools

An in-school workshop provides a fun and effective launch pad for teachers about to start working with lessons. CPD in action


Which CPD session is appropriate?


Bespoke duration

Confirmed interest from multiple schools required

Cost: Speak to us

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2 Hours

Individual school outside teaching hours

£180 + VAT

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3 Hours

Individual school during teaching hours

£250 + VAT

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6 hours

Individual school during teaching hours

£400 + VAT

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