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Imoves recognised as pioneers in getting UK Active…


Imoves, a digital teaching platform to help schools become more active, has overcome tough competition from some of the nation’s hottest new start-ups, to be named winner of UKActive’s innovation accelerator programme, ActiveLab. 

Imoves have been working with schools for more than 7 years – the current digital platform provides PE and dance packages to help teachers deliver PE lessons with more confidence and motivation. The company’s vision is to work with every school in UK, inspiring active learning not only in PE lessons, but also in the classroom and at home, before expanding to the international market.

ActiveLab was launched last year by UKActive and founding partners AXA PPP and Tech City UK. The three-month programme provided 12 finalists with opportunities to network with investors and leading physical activity brands, receive tailored mentorship and take part in a series of workshops on the challenges of scaling a business.

In the final part of the programme, the 12 finalists took to the stage to deliver a one minute elevator pitch to demonstrate how their businesses will revolutionise the way we move.

Imoves scooped the top prize of an accelerator toolkit worth more than £25,000 after winning over the judging panel and votes from a live audience at ActiveLab Live on Wednesday (15 March) in East London.

Imoves Co-Founder Ian Pickles said: “ActiveLab has been transformational for us; it really allowed us to think about what we could do differently now and what we can achieve in the future. We now know we can scale rapidly in the UK and have ambitions to export Imoves overseas. In terms of ActiveLab Live!, the pitch was frightening to say the least, but I think the win came from our enthusiasm for getting kids active by inspiring their teachers and parents.”

Imogen Buxton-Pickles, partner in both business and in life added: “Our current PE and dance packages really help teachers to become more confident in teaching PE themselves – they receive everything they need to deliver outstanding lessons that children love, with great cross curriculum topics including Romans, Egyptians, the World Wars and the Great Fire of London”.

UKActive Executive Director Steven Ward said the strength of this year’s cohort proved the depth of talent around physical activity sector innovation and left him in no doubt about the potential for next year’s ActiveLab accelerator.

He added: “Technology is presenting opportunities and challenges to the physical activity sector at unprecedented pace, meaning we must embrace new ways of working and innovative partners to survive and succeed.

“The years ahead offer a golden age for physical activity ventures with innovation at their core. Today’s physical activity leaders see technology not as a risk to be managed, but a major opportunity to hit new heights.

“We have to be open and fearless in evaluating our current strategies and calculating how they must adapt to the challenges of the future. With technology as our tool, but innovation as our mindset, we really will set ourselves up to fall in love with the future.”

As winner of the first ever ActiveLab, Imoves now plans to build on the 500+ UK schools it already works with and pursue international expansion.

To find out more about imoves visit or call 0114 2661061.

3 steps to reducing obesity in schools


It’s National Obesity Week this week – we hope your school has lots of activities planned to get your children moving more.  But it’s not just about being active this week – we need to look at how we can integrate physical activity throughout the whole school day and make activity a fun part of life for our children.

We thought this would be a great opportunity to take you through our vision of how we would inspire a group of mixed ability children to be more active, to stay active into their teens and lead an active lifestyle as an adult.

Step 1 – Ensure your PE programme is not stuck in the 90’s.

When we create a new scheme at imoves, we focus on 3 things; Is it Fun?; Is it Challenging?; Is it Achievable?  This approach came from some focus groups we carried out with schools and it really does work!

Step 2 – Variety is key

Don’t get stuck in a rut teaching the same old stuff you feel comfortable with.  Why not try to include some exciting and different activities such as Pilates or Fencing, fuelling the children’s motivation to be active in and out of school.  SmartyPilates resources are available in our free trial, and there are a wide selection of lessons available in our Dance and Pilates package, or Complete PE package.  Get in touch to find out more – call 0114 2661061.

Step 3 – Be confident!

A confident, motivated teacher can make a huge impact on a child’s perception of activity and PE.  We know it’s hard when you’re being asked to teach PE when you have no real background in physical activity, especially when it comes to teaching dance and gymnastics.  That’s why we get so much positive feedback about the imoves resources – we help teachers to become more confident teaching dance and other PE activities by upskilling the whole team using simple, yet effective techniques.  Find out more about our CPD sessions here >>

To find out more about National Obesity Week, and in particular how we can help young people, click here >>

Using just got a whole lot easier…

This academic year, have teamed up with New Era Education to make accessing your PE and Dance resources a whole lot easier.  We understand that a teacher’s life can be a hectic one, so our new partnership aims to ease that stress, and provide easier access to our resources with the click of a button, through New Era’s single sign-on platform. are your online PE specialists, providing over 400 lesson plans that teachers can teach themselves, along with the tools to help upskill the whole team to confidently teach Dance, Gymnastics, Pilates plus so much more!  We pride ourselves on our easy to use resources, so when an opportunity to partner up with New Era came along, we jumped at the chance, as their platform makes life so much easier for our teachers.

New Era Education is part of the global New Era Group, who combine customer focus, educational know-how with some technical wizardry to create state of the art cloud based edtech to millions of teachers, parents and pupils.

New Era was created over 15 years ago, striving to become the market leader in cutting edge technology solutions which make a real difference in education. New Era provide educational tools for a new generation of digital citizens helping to transform the way we collaborate, communicate and learn.

Since New Era’s creation they have been pioneering projects with educational organisations and government clients around the world with a team consisting of over 400 full-time employees based in offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Their latest product SchoolPing allows schools to have outstanding communication with parents in a modern way, sending messages directly to the app on their phone. SchoolPing is a really simple and secure app connecting schools with parents, and even better, it’s free for parents! Be sure to catch them on their SchoolPing Roadshow as they travel the country helping schools improve their parental engagement.

We are really looking forward to working with New Era Education – we’ve had a play around with their software and it’s great. You simply log in once and all your learning resources are there; you no longer need to remember countless usernames and passwords – one click and you’re in! Now you can get on with what you love – teaching!

If your school are currently using New Era Education, and have yet to sign up to, or are currently using another educational platform, please get in touch. We’d love to have a chat – call us on 0114 2661061 or email

Webinar: “A practical guide to teaching dance with confidence in Primary Schools”

Hosted by Imogen Buxton-Pickles, founder of

Join Imogen Buxton-Pickles, founder of, as she introduces you to her “3 Steps to Success” approach to teaching dance.  She will explain that you don’t need to be a professional dancer to teach dance to Primary School children – with the right tools and resources, every teacher in your school will become more confident in teaching dance and PE… and they’ll love doing it too!

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Are  you keen to upskill your whole school in dance delivery?
  • Are you looking to refresh and update your schools current dance resources?
  • Are you interested in rolling out a fun, engaging interactive dance programme that is easy for ANY teacher to deliver?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, then this webinar is definitely for you!



Our objective is to develop a basic understanding of teaching dance in Primary Schools, and introduce proven techniques to help find the beat to the music; we’ll explore the 32 count music structure, and the 6 principles of dance. You will receive practical hints and tips that you and your team can start putting into practice straight away.

Here’s what you’ll take from the Webinars:

  • More confidence in delivering dance
  • Simple yet effective teaching methods that even non dancers can use
  • Practical hints and tips to use with your children
  • Understand how to assess and progress your children through dance
  • Free resources to take away and lessons to try.


Dates and Times

We have two blocks of Webinars, each consisting of 2 sessions lasting 45 minutes each:

  • Block 1 – Wednesday 9th Nov AND 23rd Nov, from 7.15pm
  • Block 2 – Thursday 17th Nov AND 1st Dec, from 4.30pm


Register for Block 1 starting on 9th November >>

Register for Block 2 starting on 17th November >>


We’ve got the perfect dance lesson the boys will love – and it’s all about CONSTRUCTION!

We often get asked for advice on how to engage boys more in dance. If you’ve ever seen a baby or toddler moving to music, you’ll know that both boys and girls are naturally inclined to dance. It’s only as boys get older that they begin to identify dancing as a female activity and often shy away from it (…even though we all know that dance is an activity for everyone!).

The success that the gymnasts had at the Olympics was incredible and no doubt this will help to inspire youngsters to enjoy and embrace dance.

Try our Construction Lesson for FREE!

This scheme is so much fun – the children will love moving to the music while pretending to build a house and taking on the role of a mixer, a jack hammer and a roller. It’s perfect for little minds & bodies and helps them to move and learn.

Take a look at our preview:

Use our interactive movie to either teach from directly, or to simply get ideas and then teach organically yourself. You have access to our interactive movie, lesson plan and specially designed music mix to help bring your lesson to life.
Get Started TODAY!

Join the 1,000’s of teachers who are already benefiting from our easy to use resources..

  • If you haven’t done so already, login for your free trial and teach our fun Construction lesson and check out the other free lessons.
  • Take a look at what else you can get by upgrading to our Premier Dance or Complete PE packages – full details here >
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    Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about, give us a call on 0114 2661061 or email Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Teaching.

P.S. Upgrade to our full membership and get access to The Great Fire of London, World War 1 and 2, as well as Hip Hop Popping and Locking. Give us a call to find out more!

Are you studying The Great Fire of London this term?

What better way to commemorate the Great Fire of London on it’s 350th anniversary – our new scheme follows the story of how the fire started, the devastation it caused and how the city rebuilt itself and recovered from this historical event.

This dance, aimed at KS1, brings the epic scenes to life using our fabulous music mix, flash cards and choreography created by your children.

All available on our Premier Dance and PE packages today…

Members can login here >>

Interested in becoming a member?

If you’ve got any questions about becoming a member or about our new resources, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 0114 2661061 or email

Alternatively, you can keep up-to-date on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Teaching.

P.S. Also new to our Dance Package is our World War 1 and 2 packages. Members with our PE Package also have the added benefit of a brand new Pilate resources. Get in touch if you have any questions.


4 Unconventional PE lessons…

What do your PE lessons generally consist of?

Is it all the usual activities such as football, hockey and netball?  If that’s the case, then you’re not alone, in fact you could probably walk in to pretty much any school and take a good guess at the PE curriculum.

Have you ever thought about teaching a PE lesson that’s a little different?

Stepping outside the box with your PE lessons isn’t just good for your pupils, it’s great for you too!  Your pupils will enjoy trying something new – and you can start teaching fun and exciting PE lessons.

To give you some ideas, we’ve put together 4 unconventional PE activities that’ll get everyone excited and moving more:


Practising Pilates with children is becoming more and more popular – it has great benefits including improving motor skills, balance, co-ordination and core strength.

It also improves performance in all other sports and cognitive learning too, boosting physical literacy with its foundations in functional movement. It teaches safe movement patterns and is a fun, positive exercise experience for both teachers and pupils.

Our SmartyPilate resources have been designed by Gaye Holmes who is the UK’s leading expert on using Pilates with Children. We have developed lessons that are fun, safe and enjoyable, and that will guide your children to a stronger body and a more relaxed state of mind.

Martial Arts

Martial art disciplines are an excellent way to help children focus and work out at the same time. The best thing about martial arts is that you aren’t restricted t­­o one subject. One week you could work on Karate, the next week Judo, and the next Thai Boxing.  So mix up your PE lesson plans and try one of these activities!  Our Creative Combat schemes encompass lots of martial arts techniques for you to try.


Yoga is well known for its meditative, strength-building and relaxing effects and for this reason it’s a wonderful alternative to traditional PE lessons.  Some experts say that Yoga doesn’t just benefit children in PE time; it could benefit their academic lives on a wider scale too, helping them focus and remain alert in class time.

A few yoga mats and relaxing music is all you need here – try our Funky Yoga-Fit scheme.  It’s so easy to teach and offers a great calming setting for the kids.

Hip Hop Popping and Locking

While some schools provide dance tuition as an after school event, very few use it as part of their curriculum due to lack of confidence around teaching the subject well and engaging the kids. But dance old and new is an excellent work out.  Everything from ballroom to break dancing can help the body in a number of ways. It increases cardiovascular capacity, helps weight loss and improves strength to name just a few benefits.  So choose one of our excellent funky music mixes and let the kids have some fun!

Launching is September is our Hip Hop Popping and Locking scheme – this fun and funky style is made easy by our brand new presenter, Jack, who breaks down the Popping and Locking movement patterns for children to follow and then build their own routines. The kids will think this is amazing!!

To view  your resources simply login, or sign up for a free trial here >

Skills and Drills for your PE lesson…

Our Skills & Drills resources are one of our more popular themes and we totally get why! It’s so much fun to teach and it’s a great way to engage the kids.

Our skills and drills resources are perfect for those teachers who want to take PE outdoors throughout the summer term (…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to do that!?). You could even use our resources to theme your after school clubs and your holiday clubs.

Take a look at our Movie Preview

  • Fundamental Skills for 5 to 8 year olds – this is a 12-week scheme that is designed to develop fundamental skills in infant aged children. It includes throwing, catching, ball handling, playing games and creating team games.
  • Ball Skills Programme – use our ideas for football, rugby and basketball skills & drills to create your own programme for children aged 7 years and upwards. Our lesson plans will help you structure your lessons – plus you’ll have access to our interactive movies to show good techniques to your kids.
All of our resources include interactive movies, lesson plans, downloadable music, flash cards and assessment tools.

Useful tips on finding the beat…

..5 easy steps to help your kids understand the Beat and Phrase of the music!

Login to your account and you’ll find a useful video which talks you through how to find the beat to the music. Head to the “Getting Started” section:

5 Simple Steps…

Follow our simple approach below and you’ll have the kids hooked from the very beginning of the lesson. Start by playing an music mix which is structured in regular blocks of 8 beats (downloadable from our website).

Step 1

Nod or clap to the SLOW and REGULAR beat of the music.
The SLOW beat is 4 claps per 8 count phrase of music
The REGULAR beat is 8 claps per 8 count phrase of music

Step 2

Simply listen for the different beats and clap along until the children recognise the difference in the rhythms.

Step 3

Now try listening for the FIRST beat in every 8 count phrase (Regular).

Step 4

Ask your group to shout ONE when they hear the FIRST beat in the phrase. Repeat this activity until you’re sure the children can recall the FIRST beat.  For older children try linking 4 blocks of 8 beats to create a 32 count block of music – make sure that you start on the first beat of a 32 count phrase and call this the BIG ONE.

Step 5

Get them moving around the room changing direction on the ONE in every 8 count block (or 32 count block for the older ones). They will love doing this as it’s fun and energetic.

And in a nutshell that’s it – 5 simple steps to finding the beat to the music. Have Fun!


Head teacher says “I have seen nothing else on the market that comes even close to providing the same resources and materials” are a preferred supplier with Youth Sports Trust, working with 1,000s of schools across the country – here’s what Baroness Sue Campbell had to say about us…

‘The Youth Sports Trust is proud to work in partnership with They provide resources that create excellent opportunities to improve the quality and quantity of physical education and physical activity for young people”
Baroness Sue Campbell CBE Chair, Youth Sport Trust

Why choose

Since 2000, we’ve been working with children and their teachers, driving forward new and innovative ways to motivate young people. We’re on a mission to give more children the chance to be active and have fun through PE and dance – by giving teachers the tools to teach it themselves!

Here’s what we offer:

  • Easy to follow curriculum-based lesson plans, movies, music and flash cards
  • Assessment and reporting tools
  • Over 300 lessons in dance, gymnastics and much more!
  • New topics added regularly – this term we introduced ‘Road to Rio’
  • Cost effective use of sports premium funding with packages starting from as little as £180 per year


20672844_m (881x544) (2)
What other teachers are saying?

We are so passionate about what we do and we know that our resources provide teachers with the tools and confidence to teach dance and PE. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what some teachers had to say about us:

PE Co-ordinator, Hunslett Carr Primary, Leeds  – “I used to panic teaching dance, now I love it! We have everything we need to teach dance, the videos are great, there’s much more confident teaching going on with all year groups”

Head Teacher, Stocksbridge Infant School, Sheffield – “I have seen nothing else on the market that comes even close to providing the same resources and materials”

SGO, Hertfordshire – A huge thank you for the dance workshop yesterday, and to feedback on what an excellent advocate for dance Gaye and her co-presenter Caroline were. There were approx. 30 teachers present and they were amazed at how simple yet effective the dance resources were. The feedback afterwards was excellent.

Read more about the resources >