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Here are some frequently asked questions that may answer your query…

Q What music is suitable to use with children and teens and do I need a PPL to play music in a school?

All our music is PPL free as its been designed especially for our resources and can be played anywhere with out any worries.  All our fantastic music is  totaly child friendly in fact the will love it and comes in 2 formats:

Early Years music for 3 to 7 yrs either has its own 15 minute mix to perform too OR a collection of shorter mixes depending on the theme.   Dance Styles music for 5 to 16 yrs features a15 minute mix to practice too, a performance track and a cool-down track (per style mix). Each music mix is included for FREE when you purchase the accompanying Short Scheme or you can but each music theme or style separately for just £4.99 per mix. Check out all music and listen before you buy.

Q I’m a head teacher – how can I make it easier for my staff to teach dance?

A Our Program of Study packages for Infant, Junior, Primary and Senior Schools includes multiple videos, (some interactive), progressive lesson plans to help build your scheme, brilliantly designed music to enhance each scheme, and other teaching aids such as flash cards. They are designed for teachers with limited dance experience who want to broaden their knowledge and understanding around teaching dance and feature fun popular styles your students will love and learn from. Check our our Schools Program Tour for more information.

Q I’m daunted by teaching dance to children as I’m not a dancer, how can help me?

A Start with our basic dance Short Schemes. We’ve designed them for teachers with little or no dance experience who would like to try teaching a new style. Our Short schemes are based around dance “Toolkits” for each style and feature a series of 10 – 12 basic moves and how to teach them. Lesson plans help you structure your lesson and build your routine or theme, plus our downloadable music mixes feature music to practice to a performance track and a cool-down track.  Check out all our Short Schemes refine the search through age range or style.  

Q I’m a busy PE teacher and I run a dance after school club. I find it difficult to constantly think of new ideas as the school can’t afford to buy someone in – help!

A We have lots of tried and tested routines ready to view and teach in our Dance Routines range, so you don’t have to spend time making up choreography. Using our pre choreographed routines should help inspire you to put together your own routines more easily. Check out all our Dance Routines, refine your search through age range or style.

Q Our dance show this year is “Dancing Through the Decades”, I have no idea how to put together a Jive or Disco routine. I need ideas…

A We  have created a new program for this very popular theme and covers styles from the 1920’s through to present day. All our schemes and routines are from different decades and cultures and currently include Charleston, Jive, Disco and StreetJazz which I’m sure will help you to build your performance.  Check out the Dancing through the Decades program of study for more information. 

Q As a Secondary School PE teacher I’m expected to teach dance as its part of the curriculum, but I’m sporty and feel clumsy and uncoordinated when I try to dance. What can I do?

A There are 2 ways you could tackle this; firstly try a style that suits your personality like Creative Combat or SportsJam Short Schemes. Both styles have a sporty feel are fun and engage both genders well. Secondly, our Broadway Show Girls Scheme of work uses hats, canes and feather bowers as resource, or our Freestyle Short Scheme as both are designed to allow the students to create the majority of the choreography using props. It’s very effective and great resource for non-dancers.  

Q I teach young children between 3 – 7 years, I’m looking for ideas around dance but I’m not a dancer, what can you recommend?

A  We have lots of tried and tested themes and Movement to Music ideas for early years, from 3 to 7 years available in brilliant themes such as Space, SportsJam, Construction Transport and Machines, Fairytale, Nursery Rhymes, Under the Sea, The Circus and Countries.  We also have 2 interactive schemes in Cheerdance and Creative Combat  – All our schemes include  fantastic music your children will really love

Q I’m recently qualified in teaching children’s fitness classes, and I’m still not sure if I need a CRB check to work in schools?

A Yes, you will need one, however each school is different and you may need several to work in different schools. The best thing to do is ask the school you are working with for advice on this. The down side is that it will take a few months to come through.